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Problems with over population?

Tree or crop damage?

Deer in your garden?

Woodland Management Plans required?

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DDM have solutions.

 We carry out control of wild deer populations and provide advice on deer related problems. We survey your ground, deer numbers and deer damage, then develop, document and apply structured deer management plans to the requirements and objectives of our clients and are committed to carrying out proactive deer management to achieve these objectives in a safe and humane manner.

Landowners suffering tree or crop damage require deer managers that are committed to reducing deer population in a structured and documented manner, then keeping numbers at acceptable levels over following years. Through our management plans DDM commit to our clients requirements with a written plan and results can be measured through our  records at the end of each year. The following years plan can then be adjusted accordingly.

We design and implement plans for the different requirements of our clients.
Plans may be for:-
Tree and crop protection.
Woodland grant schemes.
Healthy populations of deer in balance with the environment for maximum biodiversity.
Maximum venison production.
Any other requirements that clients may have.

We are happy to discuss any deer related queries with you and make a initial assessment visit.
There are no charges for carrying out deer control. We keep the carcasses from the cull and occasionally provide venison for clients on request.
Deer work that we are requested to carry out that does not include population control may be charged.
We can discuss individual cases with clients after initial assessment.

We like to offer a personal, professional service to our customers. We are a small, team, perfectly placed to deal with any deer management situation presented to us.

Here is just one example of feedback we have received:

"Dear Robert.

Many thanks to yourself and Doug for resolving the Roe deer problem in my woodland near Exeter. Whilst I like to see deer in the countryside, the damage that had been caused in such a short period of time was significant and some form of control essential. I was pleased with how you both initially assessed the situation and then explained the solutions available. The woodland has some significant constraints in relation to deer control due to nearby passing traffic, however all control measures were undertaken safely, and with the minimum of both stress to the deer involved and disturbance to the woodland. Thanks once again."

All the best.


All members of Devon Deer Management are BASC members



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