Robert Bateman 

Approved Witness 

Approved witnesses are critical to the credibility of the DSC 2 qualification. No candidate portfolio will be admissible without every Performance Criteria being witnessed by an approved witness or assessor, therefore their careful judgement as to whether evidence is authentic, sufficient and relevant is crucial.

DSC 2 Approved Witnesses are the key element in the DSC 2 qualification. The role of the Approved Witness (formally known as an accredited witness) is to give candidates opportunities to demonstrate their competence and to confirm their knowledge, and record that they have done so according to set standards.

To complete your DSC2  you will need to complete at least 3 witnessed stalks.
If you registered for DSC2 before 1 June 2010, at least one of these stalks must be witnessed by an Approved Witness.
As an  AW I offer witnessed stalking opportunities on your own ground, alternatively I will accompany you on an area on which you have permission to stalk. There will be a charge for my services as an Approved Witness, this will be negotiable and will, in part, depend on mileage. You may also be required to pay for stalking as a separate cost.
For candidates who register after 1 June 2010, all 3 of these stalks must be witnessed by an Approved Witness

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